Donor Stories

Donor Stories

Both our donors and the beneficiaries of their generosity have stories to share.

Read their stories below:



Dr. Veda Bateman

Former Red Crosser Dr. Veda Bateman recently became a member of the Legacy Society by establishing a charitable gift annuity. Dr. Bateman was interested in making a gift to support the cause so important to her while meeting some financial objectives through her estate.

John Joseph Keppinger

Who begins life in poverty, and ends it with giving over $200,000 to the American Red Cross – a charity that he had no previous ties to? It was John Joseph Keppinger.

Dr. Helen Chase

After 100 years of experience, Dr. Helen Chase knows the value of good planning and caring for others. As a result, in addition to her generous annual contributions, Dr. Chase also chosen to make a gift through her will to the American Red Cross so the organization can continue its critical mission of preventing and alleviating human suffering.

George Nicholson

When the American Red Cross has needed leadership and support, volunteers have stepped forward and helped out. One outstanding example of Red Cross leadership is George Nicholson III.
Jeffry M. Bauer [charity_name] Donor

Jeffry M. Bauer

Jeffry M. Bauer is a practicing attorney, arbitrator, and mediator. He is also a volunteer for, and benefactor of, the American Red Cross. Jeff became a member of the Legacy Society last year, through a deferred charitable gift annuity. He has also included a provision for the Red Cross in his will.
Joan Meinke [charity_name] Donor

Joan Meinke

Joan Meinke of Mason, Michigan recalls her decision to make a gift through her will, “A few years ago, I made the decision to contact my attorney and put a bequest for the Red Cross in place.
Katharine Kim [charity_name] Donor

Katharine Kim

When Katharine Kim adopts a mission, she devotes herself to it wholeheartedly. For nearly 20 years, Kim has donated time, talents, financial support - even blood - to the American Red Cross.
Tripp Robinson [charity_name] Donor

Tripp Robinson

Tripp Robinson’s passion for emergency preparedness comes naturally as a volunteer firefighter. “I see the devastation home fires cause families first hand,” he says. So it is no wonder he is so involved with the American Red Cross mission.