Dr. Helen Chase

Dr. Helen ChaseDr. Helen Chase – Centenarian and Legacy Society member

After 100 years of experience, Dr. Helen Chase knows the value of good planning and caring for others. As a result, in addition to her generous annual contributions, Dr. Chase also chosen to make a gift through her will to the American Red Cross so the organization can continue its critical mission of preventing and alleviating human suffering.

The Manhattan, New York native is now residing in Clearwater, Florida and was recently honored at the Tampa chapter’s 100th anniversary for her generous and longtime giving to the Red Cross. Dr. Chase and her late husband, Donald had donated time and money to the American Red Cross consistently for many years since World War II because they knew firsthand how the organization provides help and hope.

Donald was in the Army for 5 years, mostly out of harm’s way in the north of England looking after heavy equipment. But even after the war, she went on to say, wherever they went, “it seemed that the Red Cross was always there, helping people no matter who they were. You could always count on the Red Cross.”

Dr. Chase was fortunate enough to achieve her education and career goals earning her Ph.D. and working as a Biostatistician for the New York State Department of Health and the U.S. Department of Health among other high level positions throughout her career. She used her advancement to support the mission she cares for. Remembering back to a different time in our country, she had employment opportunities at that time that women otherwise would not have had, and she felt she had to do something to help – “and that’s what I could contribute – cash.” And she never stopped.

Dr. Chase, thank you for your lifetime of support of the Red Cross - and for ensuring it continues in the future.

If you would like information about how you can support our mission and help those in need by creating your own legacy like Dr. Helen Chase has done, please contact our the Gift Planning Office at 1-800-797-8022, ext. 5, giftplanning@redcross.org.