Tripp Robinson

Tripp RobinsonLegacy Society Member

Tripp Robinson’s passion for emergency preparedness comes naturally as a volunteer firefighter. “I see the devastation home fires cause families first hand,” he says. So it is no wonder he is so involved with the American Red Cross mission. When asked why he chose to become a Legacy Society member, Tripp says his decision to make a gift to the Red Cross in his estate plan was an easy one. He considers estate planning a part of being prepared. His family has been talking about the importance of having an estate plan for generations. “The plan is for the people still living – to make a difficult and emotional time a little easier for family and loved ones,” he says. Tripp’s professional experience has only reinforced the importance of having a plan in place. “Part of being prepared is planning for the future. The Red Cross has helped me to be prepared for anything.”
Tripp knows a thing or two about the importance of being prepared. As the Emergency Manager for the technology giant Intel, his responsibilities include coordinating Intel Oregon’s Emergency Response Teams, leading seven Site Emergency Operations Centers and facilitating Business Continuity planning throughout Intel’s operations.
Tripp’s first interaction with the Red Cross was when he was selecting a training partner for the more than 1,000 emergency responders employed by Intel. “The Red Cross has an exceptional reputation for first aid training as well as the capacity to partner to meet our training needs. They are able to offer on-site training with the same instructors each week, as well as programs on personal preparedness for all of our employees. That combination is outstanding,” Tripp said.
Over time Tripp’s relationship grew from transactional to personal. In 2000 he joined the Board of Directors for the Cascades Region in Portland, Oregon and is now the Board’s longest serving member and continues to champion for building more prepared and resilient communities. Tripp considers his service on the Red Cross Board to be mutually beneficial, “It provides me the opportunity to have a direct impact on a shared vision of community preparedness.”
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